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Ubuntu’s unity greeter signin screen will only accommodate a certain number of desktop environments. If the list is too large, then extra options can be deleted from this folder: /usr/share/xsessions/ Another solution is to switch to the lightdm-gtk-greeter following the instructions above.
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Dec 06, 2012 · I’m using lightdm-gtk-greeter as my greeter. The allow-guest and all autologin-* parameters seem to be being ignored. I can’t disable the guest account, I can’t enable auto loging (yes, user is in “autologin” group).
change lightdm greeter theme as described in Change lightdm greeter theme; set ubuntu boot splash screen:
Use the below command to install LightDM in place of MDM. Sudo apt-get install lightdm gnom-settings-daemon indicator-session-gtk2 unity-greeter ubuntu-mono light-themes. Once you execute the above command in linux terminal. It will ask you whether you want to use MDM or LightDM as display manager choose LightDm. etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf - lightdm.conf example configuration for XFCE4 By default the issue was the wrong resolution at the login prompt of LightDM, this because the graphic card were showing the desktop in both the monitors, a kind of “twin view” and both the resolutions were set to 1280×1024. The 24” resolution was adapted to the 19”. Aug 19, 2020 · 5. LightDM. The most popular is undoubtedly the LightDM display manager. It's customizable and feature packed, LightDM is also lightweight, supports X.Org and Mir. LightDM functions: Greeter for GTK, Qt / KDE, Unity and other greeters; Many login screen themes; User list; Change background image; The window position is changeable
Dec 06, 2019 · Change LightDM Greeter in Ubuntu 20.04. To display the list of LightDM greeters installed, we need to issue the following in terminal – sudo dpkg -l *greeter* The output may resemble – It gets us the list of greeters installed in our Ubuntu distribution. To install a greeter – For Arctica greeter. sudo apt install arctica-greeter. Kylin ... 2. LightDM also supports “themes”, some DEs use LightDM-GTK-greeter instead of the default Unity-Greeter as its theme.. The easiest way to restore LightDM theme is: Open terminal from the Dash or by pressing Ctrl+Alt+T on keyboard. I might upload pieces of it to git before too long so you'll be able to get it there. I don't do the official packaging and integration into desktop-base so that will come later . . . maybe in time for a beta at the d1conf in April but certainly by the time of the official beowulf stable release.
I cloned the github repository of lightdm web greeter. Then I built it. It didn't work, so I thought it didn't do anything at all. So I tried to install lightdm-greeter-gtk, which did work I think. I kind of forgot what I did after that, but I started to screw up a lot. simple display manager (GTK+ greeter) lightdm-gtk-greeter is greeter shell for the LightDM login manager. It uses the GTK+ toolkit and integrates well with desktop environment using that toolkit, like the Xfce desktop environment.
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