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The seventh house is the descendent and represents the "other" in your life; that is, relationships - how you relate to other people in business, friendship, and in love. It also represents activities associated with such relationships such as marriage, agreements, contracts, etc..
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7th house belongs to Venus, so it will give mixed results. The native will have rise in luck after marriage and native will be involved in religious works. The good result of the house will depend upon position of Moon. The native will never be a debtor and will have good children.
Aug 09, 2013 · moon in 1st House not only makes the native elegant but also the wife charming for the reason moon sees 7th, its lord jupiter and moon are in mutual kendras and the kalatra aarudha goes to gemini where moon is located.the spouse will be fortunate, wealthy, erudite, god fearing, traditional and smart. venus aspect on 7th lord gives proficiency in music to the spouse. moon in gemini bestows ...
"If the Moon is in its own house, in the 7th house, or in the 7th amsha, indicates a soft spoken husband who will be at the disposal of another lady." Disagreement, disappointment, emotional servitude = 6th-from-Chandra = bhava-12. His 11th house is ruled by Saturn and I see that his Moon will oppose Saturn as his last aspect before leaving it's sign, so I do suspect he will have another I really dont subscribe to the 11th for second marriage except that it does indicate love received.
(d) Ketu occupies the 8th house, is aspected by the Moon who owns the the 7th and occupies the 2nd. So acting as proxy or as an agent for the Moon, Ketu will signify the matters of the 2nd, 7th, and 8th. (e) Ketu is posited in Virgo in Mercury's sign. Mercury owns the 6th and the 9th, and is posited in the 7th.
Moon in 7th House - Seek and meet people born on the same date as you. AstroSeek, Free Horoscopes and charts 2020 They long for praise and social recognition. They are emotionally dependent on this and it can lead to premature marriage. In any case, these people do...The Seventh House in Aries. With the seventh house set in the sign of Aries, tact is not seen very often in close relationships. There is always something hidden in the culture of conflict that needs to be learned, and the most typical scenario speaks of one’s tendency to dismiss the benefits of conflict, avoiding it even though it would be constructive and useful. Oct 11, 2014 · Determine the 7th house lord in D1 chart. In the above example, 7th house is Leo and Sun is the lord of Leo. Then, figure out the position of 7th lord in D9 chart. Here, the 7th lord is Sun and its in Sagittarius in D9 chart. The lord of sagittarius is Jupiter. Look at the strength, placement, conjunctions of Jupiter in D1 chart.
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